Affordable Backpack/Briefcase Armor at BGO.

We tested some new products this past week. Vism Armor is new to the market and we want to know our products work, so that leads us to testing our products. How do we do that, we shoot them until they fail.

We tested the 11×14 Backpack Insert, rated to stop rounds up to .44 Magnum. Below is a video of the results.

The not-so-scientific test showed that it would easily stop everything we threw at it. We tested 9mm FMJ, .45 FMJ, and even a .223 Frangible. The armor stopped all of the pistol rounds and surprisingly stopped the .223 Frangible round, which it was not rated for.

We are happy to offer this armor to everyone. Yes, every person who wants to be prepared and protected can have this armor. Backpack inserts start at $98.00 and go up with options and design. 

Come by and see our selection and options at Battle Grounds Outfitters in Sherwood.